The Rocks, Government buildings, Dinner



Favourite place in Sydney so far! Observatory Hill, just behind The Rocks neighbourhood. Magnific views over the city, harbour, peaceful area and full of trees and grass inviting to take a nap =) REALLY, IF YOU GO TO SYDNEY, YOU MUST GO TO OBSERVATORY HILL TO APPRECIATE THE VIEWS!



Smile! You’re being taken a picture! And you’ve got the Harbour Bridge as a background!!!



From Stan’s friends, I learnt about Vietnamese and Chinese families migrating to Australia. Check this series on Australian TV on some Australians’ racism and ignorance:

The art of making the perfect pizza dough…tell Stan!


Yummy dinner with Karime’s Mexican tacos, Stan’s pizza, Sam’s delicious fruit, George’s wine, my Mediterannean cuisine and Jess’ Vietnamese dessert and Vietnamese coffee (delicious for coffee gourmets, it’s made with a kind of dripping pot and it’s with ice and condensed milk)! And impossibly-better company!



Art tours & Scholars




‘No object implies the existence of any other’. Manon’s reply: ‘What about can-openers?’… Any other suggestions?

Aboriginal Art Tour at the Art Gallery of NSW.

Biennale exhibition tour at the Contemporary Art Gallery -such talented international artists! Incredible pieces of work. One had dozens of rolls of colourful threads stuck on the walls and the threads were pulled out to be all joint together in a wood table where the artist sat and you could bring clothes that needed mending and she would repair them for you right there and with those threads and then they’d be thrown to the pile of repaired, recycled clothes along with more anonymous contributions to this piece of art.


Baden (an enthusiastic Cultural Studies scholar) told me about an interesting talk at Uni of Sydney today. Learnt about how communicative practices have evolved along with technology and how this has shaped our relations with others in multiple ways (particularly interesting were the bits about analyses on how we’ve changed the mode of writing letters and also the huge variety of communicative situations that have derived from modern society, such as chatting to a stranger who’s also playing in a videogame or the omnipresence and multi-purpose smartphones). Crazy stuff, but at the end we can’t forget all we’re dealing with are more human lives, more hearts and more stories behind every written, spoken or transmitted word.




On the ferry to Manly, reminded of To The Lighthouse.

Manly Beach walk has some beautiful sculptures about the connection between nature and society on earth. The colours of sunset on this blueish beach were spectacular. Quiet evening atmosphere.



Ferry to famous (but in my opinion quite spoilt) Bondi beach. Beautiful sunny day, perfect weather, is that really winter? Sydney people seem to wear the same clothes as for spring but with a light jacket or stockings… now I get why travel guides say that this city is ‘sun-kissed’!


Worth doing the Bondi-Coogee walk (3hour return).

Notice the tiny black dots in the ocean… surfers looking (and queuing for) a good wave! And along the walk there were heaps of extremely tanned (crossed an elederly woman who had literally every wrinkle in the world over all her body because she was hyperly-excessively too sun-tanned) and fit bodies parading up and down and heaps of joggers… everyone here seems to be into keeping in extra good shape and enjoy exercising outside (whereas in Lismore I NEVER crossed a soul when jogging, and even least one who was jogging like me…!)


Hi Sydney


Sydney Harbour inspires Snowy to meditate on why does she have to be so clear in every picture and the background so blurry -actually the photographer’s (ergo my) fault… urgently need some camera skills!

Stunning views over Sydney Harbour from Stan’s flat (Taiwanese Australian friend with whom I was staying). Nice to be welcome by these views after the blues of leaving ‘home’ Lismore. An absolutely breath-taking mixture of natural harbour and man-made city. It does look like an American city to me though… so many skyscrapers and lights and people walking from A to B with take-aways coffee and dressing smartly and rushing and… oh, well, cities!

Ciao (À bientôt?!) Lismore


Bye Bright St!



Joycelyn’s friend amazing drawing skills…truly beautiful present! Thanks*

Definetely leaving Lismore, there won’t be a third home-coming, so it’s been depressing…It’s not so much that I probably won’t see most people I met there ever again, but it’s more the feeling that separation (physical distance) means I won’t possibly ever know what will become of them in a few years time. It’s impossible to keep in touch with everyone, so I guess it’s just a matter of learning to accept that there’ll be times when things and words and songs and smells will remind me of some people but I can’t let them know that all the time nor can I explain the people with whom I am then all the stories and things lived with other people, since that would be extremely boring (and yet I must thank you reader for checking this blog for whatever reason and not cursing my self-centredness, although this blog’s only purpose is to upload some random stories and pictures of only one exchange student’s life), so instead I’ll just have to learn to smile when reminded of memories and connections.

Life’s unfair…if only I had a way to pop in magically to places in the other side of the world a couple of times a year to catch up and chill out with people for a week or so…that might be what heaven is like perhaps…if there is one…oh, well…every day is closer to disclose the mystery!

All this said, best of the lucks to all of you! Hope we do really cross paths again one day!